6 of the Best Yellow Perennial Flowers for a Beautiful Garden

Are you looking to brighten up your garden? Consider planting these yellow perennial flowers to create a warm and joyful garden. 

Yellow is an incredibly powerful color and a great choice to incorporate into your garden. Full of warmth, joy, and energy, yellow evokes a range of feelings and is often associated with positive mental health. 

Incorporating bright yellow perennial flowers into your garden can help you to create a garden to be proud of. A space that will instantly put a smile on your face and fill your soul with cheer. 

Plus, ensuring that you use yellow perennials means that you can enjoy these flowers year after year. 

yellow perennial flowers

Although yellow is associated with energy, warmth, and happiness, too much bright yellow can be overwhelming and a strain on your eyes. To create your beautiful garden using yellow flowers, it is a good idea to incorporate a range of shades and brightness.

Here are 6 different yellow perennial flowers that are perfect for brightening up your garden space year after year:

Yellow Coneflowers

Also known as Yellow Echinacea, coneflowers are native to North America. They have a long stem, bulbous deep yellow center surrounded by bright, large yellow petals.

yellow coneflowers

Coneflowers grow best in full to partial sunlight and adjust well to different types of soil. You can enjoy their full bloom from summer to fall. With a long flowering season, they are an ideal addition to any garden looking to attract pollinators.

To encourage even more flowers during their blooming season, they do require deadheading regularly. Other than this, their maintenance is minimal.

Evening Primrose

This yellow variety of primrose offers a softer shade of yellow with gentle, round leaves. This plant can grow up to 2 meters tall and thrives planted in full sunlight.

Another plant native to North America, evening primrose is perfect to enjoy on long summer evenings with a glass of wine. As the name suggests, this primrose is at its best on an evening.

Evening Primrose yellow flower

If choosing to plant evening primrose in your garden, ensure to pick a location where the soil has good drainage. This yellow perennial flower does not do well in dry or wet conditions. It is best to turn your soil first to make it less compact and improve drainage before planting.

Evening primroses do take a long time to bloom so patience is a must. They will not bloom within the first year but you can expect flowers in the second year. 

Depending upon the variety chosen, evening primroses flower between June and September. During this time, regular deadheading should occur along with pest control. Unfortunately, evening primroses are loved by a range of garden pests from slugs to aphids to spider mites.


We couldn’t write a post about yellow perennials and not mention the most iconic yellow flower of all – sunflowers!

yellow flower sunflowers

These big, bold flowers standing on thick stems that can grow over 16 feet tall are a huge symbol of summer. Their name, Helianthus annuus even comes from the Greek words sun and flower due to their similar appearance to the sun.

With sunflowers, not all varieties are perennials. Though they do produce a mass of seeds that you can easily replant, most varieties bar the perennial sunflower grow back on their own.

Perennial Sunflowers are best sown directly into your garden after the last frost. They love the sun so ideally situate them in an area that gains full sunlight all day.

Though they aren’t too picky when it comes to soil conditions, they do require a lot of nutrients to reach their maximum potential. During their growing season, ensure to add fertilizer to the soil around your sunflowers to aid their growth.

Sunflowers are late bloomers and will flower towards the end of summer into the fall. This makes sunflowers an ideal addition to your garden firstly, to provide flowers towards the end of the peak flowering season. But also, they provide food for pollinators towards the end of the season when food is scarce.

Your perennial sunflowers will not grow as tall as other varieties. Instead, they grow thicker and, with regular deadheading, can provide flowers throughout the season.

Graham Thomas Rose

Roses are in a league of their own and this rose is no different. The Graham Thomas Rose is truly beautiful with large, delicate petals that unfold during the day.

Yellow Graham Thomas Rose

This rose is a climber and over time, will spread to 1 ½ meters tall and over 1 meter wide. It prefers to grow in full or partial sunlight in all soil types as long as it provides good drainage.

Graham Thomas Roses bloom several times over their growing season. They do require pruning in the early spring and need dead flower heads removed to encourage new growth. 


Also known as Fireflies, this plant grows in a group with small, delicate yellow flowers that bloom in clusters.

Yarrow blooms throughout the summer and grows best with full sunlight and well-drained soil. 

yellow yarrow

However beautiful this flower is, it can become invasive and does need controlling to avoid it taking over your garden. If Yarrow begins to outgrow its designated space, you can pull out new sprouts. It is easier to do this after it has rained when the soil is softer to ensure you pull the roots as well.


Daffodils are flowering bulbs that bloom early in the season for 3-5 years. Six large petals surround a central trumpet that opens during the day in the early spring.

grow daffodils

These flowers are best planted in September before the first frost. They will be ready to bloom the following Spring.

Daffodils are easy to maintain and require little general care. At the end of the season, when daffodil flowers begin to die, it is best to remove them. This helps the daffodil put its energy back into the bulb to regrow the following year, instead of regrowing flowers.

best yellow perennial flowers

If you are looking to create a bright, beautiful, and warm garden space, then yellow perennial flowers are a great choice. These 6 options will help to elicit emotions of joy and happiness whilst creating an inviting garden for you to relax in. 

By choosing a combination of these 6 flowers to incorporate into your growing garden, you can enjoy yellow flowers from early Spring to late Fall.

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