Beautiful Black Flowers to Grow in the Garden

Black flowers are enchanting, charming, and seem to hail from some fantasy realm. They’re enigmatic, beautiful, and ethereal.

Truthfully, black flowers are not truly black; the majority are dark purple or crimson. They represent power, mystery, and beauty.

beautiful black flowers

Black Alyssum

This version of the popular flower ‘alyssum’ is stunning and perfect for bringing dark beauty to your garden. It can grow up to 30cm (12in), so it will fit into even small gardens without any problems but still makes an impact when it comes into bloom.

Chat Noir Dahlia

This dahlia variety is stunning if you’re looking to add a touch of drama to your garden. It has strong, sturdy stems and produces gorgeous blooms that last for weeks. The plant itself grows up to 50cm (20in) tall, so it can easily make an impact even in smaller gardens.

Chocolate Cosmos

This variety of cosmos has a dark maroon color, making it the perfect black flower to grow if you want something a little different. It’s hardy and easy to care for, even for a beginner.

chocolate cosmos flower

The chocolate cosmos flower grows up to 70cm (28in) tall and comes back every year, so you won’t need to worry about replanting it.

Molly Sanderson Viola

You can’t go wrong with this black flower variety if you’re looking for something that’s low maintenance but still looks and will produce flowers in summer that are both beautiful and long-lasting.

The Viola Molly Sanderson variety only grows to around 20cm (8in) tall, so it’s perfect if you don’t have much space.

Sweetunia Black Satin

This is another excellent choice of black flower for a beginner, as it has long-lasting flowers and is resistant to mildew and disease. It’ll only grow to around 15cm (6in) tall, so it doesn’t outgrow the rest of your garden.

Black Beauty pansy

With a name like that, you know these flowers are going to be dark and mysterious! They’ll grow to around 30cm (12in) tall and come back every year, so there’s no need to replant them.

Before the Storm Iris

This flower is named because it blooms very close to the ground and only opens up a few hours before sunset. The dark purple color is both mysterious and elegant.

Green Wizard Coneflower

Another great choice for your garden if you’re looking for an easy variety of black flower that grows well in almost any condition. It’s also resistant to disease, so you don’t have to worry about taking care of it too much – sit back and enjoy the beautiful blooms!

Black Baccara Rose

This classic rose will grow as high as 80cm (32in), making it perfect if you’re looking for something with a strong presence in your garden or on your balcony. However, its compact size means that even small gardens can accommodate a rose like this.

Odessa Calla Lily

This calla lily will only grow to a height of around 20cm (8in), so it’s perfect if you have limited space but want something that packs a punch.

The Odessa variety is also resistant to disease, so you won’t need to worry about taking care of it too much.

Queen of the Night Tulip

We can guarantee you that these tulips are going to be noticed! They can grow up to 40cm (16in) tall and come in all sorts of different dark colors, including black, red, and purple.

Queen of the Night Tulip Flower

You’ll definitely want them on your radar for when they bloom each spring.

Bat Orchid

You almost wouldn’t even know that this is an orchid to look at – it’s so dark! This gorgeous plant blooms for just two days, but if you’re looking for an elegant black flower, it’ll do the job nicely.

Penny Black Nemophila

This variety of nemophila is perfect if you want something delicate to grow among your other flowers. It’s small, only growing up to 15cm (6in), but it produces a continuous stream of blooms.

Black Magic Hollyhock

Hollyhocks are a classic symbol of summer, and this black version is just as beautiful. It can grow up to 2 meters tall (5ft), so you’ll need plenty of space for it.

However, if you do have the room to accommodate it, then definitely consider growing one – we promise it’s worth it!

Black Velvet Petunia

This petunia is the perfect way to bring dark beauty into your garden without making it too overwhelming.

black velvet petunia

It grows up to around 30cm (12in) tall, which is pretty average for a flower variety of its size.

Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Butterfly bushes are great plants if you have space to accommodate them – they can grow up to 2 meters (6ft) tall! They’ll come back every year, so there’s no need for you to replant them and take care of them every year.

The best thing about this black flower variety is that butterflies absolutely love it, so you’re going to be seeing plenty of those flying around all summer long!

Arabian Night Dahlia

If you’ve never grown a dahlia before, this black version is the perfect one to begin with. It has stunning dark purple petals that will totally catch your eye and encourage you to go out and buy more varieties!

Arabian Night Dahlia

This variety only grows up to 80cm (32in) tall, so if you have limited space but still want something impactful in your garden, it’s the flower for you.

Black Velvet Rose

Another classic rose – but just like we mentioned earlier, these are perfect if you really want something that people are going to notice when they come over! They should fit into almost any garden without too much trouble.

Beautiful Black Flowers to grow in your garden

The allure of these unique and elegant flowers is undeniable in the garden space. With so many black flower options available, there’s no shortage of inspiration!

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