20 Star-Shaped Flowers – Unique Flowers Shaped Like Stars

If you’re looking for a unique flower shape to add some variety to your garden, star-shaped flowers are an excellent choice. 

If you’re looking for the best star-shaped flowers, or simply want some extra cuteness in your garden, then look no further.

Here are 20 popular and beautiful options that you may like to try growing in your garden this year.

beautiful star shaped flowers

1. Star Tulip

If you’re looking for a classic flower to add to your garden, the star tulip is an excellent choice. Even better? You can plant them in the fall and watch them grow into beautiful flowers before spring!

star tulips flowering
Star Tulips

Star tulips flower throughout spring and early summer, so they’ll add color to your garden for up to six months!

To best care for your star tulips, keep them away from rabbits and deer. These animals will eat your star tulips if they get the chance.

2. Star Jasmine

This easy-to-grow plant will attract butterflies and hummingbirds to your garden.

star jasmine in bloom
Star Jasmine

It’s hard to miss the star jasmine because its white flowers look like little stars.

Star Jasmine is a twining vine and can climb up walls and other structures in your garden.

3. Golden Star

The Golden Star is also known as blazing star. Its yellow flowers bloom during the summer season and attract bees, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife to your garden.

flowering golden star
Golden Star

Golden Star grows wild in California, Nevada, Utah, and other western states. It’s also hardy to USDA plant hardiness zone five.

If you plan on growing Golden Star outside of its native range, choose a spot with full sun exposure that has well-draining soil.

4. Star Magnolia

The star magnolia is an Asian tree with white flowers that bloom during late spring or early summer. They look like large snowflakes!

star magnolia flower
Star Magnolia

Star magnolias grow best in USDA plant hardiness zones four through nine. They don’t like wet or poorly drained soil, so make sure they get plenty of sunshine and water during dry spells.

This flower does best in acidic soil, so add peat moss to the hole when you plant it outdoors.

5. Pentas

Pentas are small flowers that bloom throughout the summer season if deadheaded regularly.

They come in shades of pink, red, lavender-blue, mauve, purple, white, and bi-color. These flowers will attract butterflies to your garden!

pentas flowers

There are many different varieties of pentas available at most garden centers or nurseries. Some types grow well in USDA zone ten, while others do best in colder climates.

Pentas flower best when planted close together, and you should keep them well-watered during dry spells.

6. Impala Lily

Impala lilies are evergreen, so they’ll keep on blooming through autumn. They come in yellow, orange, red, and peach colors with some bi-colored varieties that will also attract hummingbirds to your garden.

impala lillie flowering
Impala Lillies

Impala lilies prefer shade or part sun exposure and moist soil conditions. These flowers grow best in USDA zones nine through eleven but can be grown as houseplants during the winter months.

This flower thrives in hot climates but may not survive the first frost when planting outside! Be sure to check when it’s safe to plant impala lily bulbs for spring flowering.

7. Dahlia

Dahlia is a summer-blooming flower that grows best in USDA zones ten through twelve.

This flower comes in many different shapes, sizes, and colors. They’re easy to care for as long as they get the right amount of sunlight.

dahlia flowers

Just keep this flower well-watered until it fully establishes itself in your garden, and avoid planting dahlias where they will be exposed to wet soil conditions or cool temperatures at night.

8. Bellflower

Bellflowers are tall, perennial flowers that grow well in most climates. They come in shades of blue, purple, pink, white, and bi-colored varieties, with some having speckles or spots on their petals.

bellowers in bloom

Bellflower grows best in USDA zones four through eight, but they will come back year after year if you live in USDA zones nine through eleven.

This plant prefers full sun exposure but can tolerate light shade or partial sun exposure as long as it gets plenty of water during the growing season.

9. Hyacinth ‘Blue Star’ 

Hyacinth ‘Blue Star’ is a spring-blooming bulb that can be planted in USDA zones three through eight.

These flowers come in shades of pink, mauve, purple, and blue, and they resemble large blue stars when fully bloomed!

Hyacinth ‘Blue Star’ flowers
Hyacinth ‘Blue Star’

This flower grows best in well-draining soil conditions and it prefers full sun exposure in cooler climates.

It requires very little care but may need protection from deer if you live in an area with lots of these animals around. Be sure to plant hyacinth bulbs close together for the best-looking garden.

10. Bromeliad

Bromeliad flowers come in shades of white, green, pink, red, orange, yellow, and bi-color varieties, with some having star-shaped petals or leaves instead of star-shaped flowers!

These plants grow best if planted outdoors during the warm months and kept as houseplants over winter.


There are many different types, or species, of bromeliad available at most garden centers, with most being cold-hardy.

This flower likes shade to part sun exposure with rich, moist soil conditions.

11. Starfish Plant

Starfish plants are star-shaped succulents that come in shades of green, pink, and purple. These flowers grow best indoors with very little sunlight and moist soil conditions.

Starfish Plant
Starfish Plant

The starfish plant is a tropical flower that’s not cold-hardy, so it needs to be brought inside over winter.

This plant grows best when planted close together and thrives in humidity but still requires well-drained soil. Keep starfish plants out of direct sun exposure and fertilize them every three months for the best results!

12. Zephyrlily

The zephyrlily is a star-shaped flower in shades of pink, white, yellow, and red. This bulb flowers in early fall, with the flowers lasting until the first frost!

Zephyrlily flowering

This flower grows best if planted in full sun conditions, but it can still grow well in partial shade too. This plant thrives during the spring months, so you’ll need to water it frequently until it starts sprouting new growth.

You may need to protect zephyrlilies from hungry rabbits if you live in an area with large populations of these animals!

13. Spring Starflower

Spring starflowers grow well in USDA zones eight through ten, and they’re star-shaped perennial flowers.

These blooms come in shades of white with yellow centers, bi-colored varieties with pale green petals and dark purple spots on the inside, or all-white blossoms that look starry!

Spring Starflower
Spring Starflowers

This flower grows best outdoors during springtime when the weather is cool, but it can also be planted indoors during early fall.

Spring starflower prefers full sun exposure but will tolerate some light shade conditions once established. 

14. Isotoma Axillaris

Isotoma axillaris comes in shades of pink, purple, red, white, and bi-color combinations that resemble little starry bells!

flowering Isotoma axillaris
Isotoma Axillaris

This flowering plant likes full sun exposure with dry to average soil conditions once established. It’s also drought tolerant after it sprouts new growth, so you’ll only need to water it when the top inch of soil dries out.

Isotoma axillaris flowers in the spring months, but it’s best to protect these plants from hungry rabbits if you live in an area with lots of them around!

15. Chincherinchee

Chincherinchees star-shaped flowers grow best as annuals or as houseplants as they need colder weather conditions to thrive!

This flowering plant grows well if planted during the spring months with either full sun exposure or partial shade conditions.


Chichchereemee prefers slightly dry soil once established, and it’s not very drought tolerant until this flower sprouts new growth.

16. Grass Lily

Grass lilies are star-shaped flowers in bi-color varieties with white petals and purple spots or all white blossoms!

Grass Lily
Grass Lilies

These plants thrive in USDA zone six, but they’re also cold hardy down to zone five, so you can plant these outdoors before the first frost of fall.

This flower grows best if planted into well-drained soil, but it’ll still grow in partial shade conditions once established.

17. Egyptian Star Flower

The Egyptian starflower is a fun flowering plant that you can add to your garden. This star-shaped flower comes in shades of purple, pink, and white!

Egyptian Star Flower
Egyptian Star Flower

Egyptian star flower grows best if planted in USDA zones six through nine, but it’s also cold hardy down to zone five, so you should be able to plant this flower outdoors before the first frost.

These flowers like full sun exposure and dry soil once established. They only need water every few weeks until they sprout new growth, making them very drought tolerant!

18. Shooting Star 

Shooting stars are an easy annual flower to grow, and they come in blue, pink, white, and lavender! These star-shaped blooms grow best if planted during early spring or during the summer months with full sun exposure.

Shooting Star Flower
Shooting Stars

This flower grows well in most soil types, but it requires slightly dry to average conditions once established. 

19. Striped Squill

Striped squills are pretty little flowers that grow star-shaped blooms in pink, purple, blue, and white shades! These blooms are great for rock gardens, or they can be planted as ground cover.

Striped Squill
Striped Squill

This flower prefers partial shade conditions, but it’ll also grow well if planted in full sun exposure during the spring months.

20. Pretty Face

Pretty face flowers are a hybrid cross of elk hunter’s star and Mexican hat. They grow up to 16 inches tall in shades of lavender, purple, and white! These blooms make a great cut flower, so you can enjoy them indoors as well as outdoors.

Pretty Face flower
Pretty Face

So there you are, 20 different flowers shaped like stars that you can plant in your garden to make it look beautiful and unique!

The star-shaped flower is one of the most beautiful flowers in existence. These gorgeous blooms can enhance any setting, whether it’s your home garden or front yard landscape!

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