Sunflower Growing Tips

Growing sunflowers is a fantastic way to improve the look of your garden. Sunflowers are perfect for beginners, will grow in most climates, and are easy to grow if you follow these simple tips.

Sunflowers can be grown from seed, but starting them indoors helps. The seeds are tiny and need a lot of light to grow properly.

Sunflowers do not require rich soil or fertilizers. In fact, they will actually benefit more if you keep the soil moist with lots of organic matter and water in order to produce better blooms.

These big, bold flowers are a popular symbol of summer, and some sunflower varieties are even perennials.

Growing sunflowers is an easy way to add color and interest to your garden all summer long for very little work on your part! 

sunflower growing tips

Tip #1: Sunflowers grow in most climates

They will even grow during very hot or cold weather!  Sunflowers can grow in soil, sand, or even just water!

Tip #2: Don’t fertilize too much

Sunflowers don’t require a lot of nutrients to keep them growing well, so you won’t need to add too much fertilizer. You only want to fertilize once every few weeks when they are actively growing. Too much nitrogen can damage sunflowers’ blooms and stems.

Tip #3: Spacing

Plant seeds eight to twelve inches apart in each direction, or two rows of four plants per row. Plant the seeds at a depth that is twice as deep as the seed’s size for best results!

Tip #4: Sunflowers prefer well draining soil

Make sure your tilled soil has good drainage so water will flow away from them instead of becoming trapped near their roots. This can help prevent root rot which weakens and eventually kills plants.

Tip #5: Sunflowers need a lot of sun!

Sunflowers grow best when they receive at least six hours of direct sun, so be sure to plant them in an area with plenty of natural sunlight.

Tip #6: Use A Windbreak

The taller a sunflower is, the more vulnerable it becomes to wind breakage. Sunflowers love to grow near tall fences or walls out of the direct wind.

Tip #8: Add Support

It’s best to add stakes or tall cages when the sunflower is young and its roots are still small. The older sunflowers get, the more challenging they are to grow. To prevent your sunflower plants from blowing over when they start to grow, make sure to add support when planting.

Tip #9: Keep away the birds

If you want to protect the growing sunflowers from birds, plant them with netting on top.

Tip #10: Just the right amount of water

Sunflowers don’t do well with dryness, so you should keep the soil moist at all times. However, make sure they don’t get waterlogged as they don’t like that either!

To make sure you get the best from your sunflower seeds follow the tips above.  There is no point in having to replant them again after they grow because of lack of sunlight or water!