Yellow Tomato Varieties: Tomatoes With Yellow Fruits to Grow

Do you love yellow tomatoes? If so, then this blog post is for you! You will learn about the different varieties of yellow tomatoes that are available.

There are many benefits to growing your vegetables in your garden or on a patio, and growing yellow tomato plants is one way to do it. Read on to find out more about yellow tomato varieties.

yellow tomato varieties

Differences Between Yellow Tomatoes and Other Tomatoes

In general, yellow tomatoes are slightly different from other types of tomatoes. The main difference is that yellow tomatoes are not as acidic in flavor.

This means that they can be used for a wider variety of recipes and taste better when cooked. 

Additionally, yellow tomatoes can have different flavors based on their unique characteristics. Some yellow tomato varieties taste like a combination of tomatoes and citrus, while others have the classic flavor that most people expect from regular tomatoes.

Varieties of Yellow Tomatoes

There are many types of yellow tomatoes – from those with a golden color to others with an orange hue.

yellow tomatoes growing in garden

All these varieties can be grown in your garden and will provide you with a wonderful harvest! There are many varieties of yellow tomato plants, including: 

  • Golden Jubilee – this yellow tomato is very easy to grow. It has a classic flavor that most people are familiar with, and it can be grown in all regions of the United States.
  • Lemon Boy – this variety of yellow tomato produces large yields of flavorful fruit!
  • Jaune Flamme – this yellow tomato is a French heirloom. It has a rich taste and beautiful color that makes it perfect for slicing up in salads or using as an ingredient in recipes!
  • Orange Jubilee – these orange tomatoes have the same classic flavor as other yellow varieties but with their own unique twist. They are sweeter than other yellow varieties and have a mild taste.
  • Sun Gold – this yellow tomato variety is well known for being very productive! It has high yields of small fruit that are perfect for snacking or using in salads. They also taste sweet with just the right amount of acidity.
  • Sun Sugar – an heirloom variety of yellow tomato that produces fruit with a golden orange color! It tastes sweet but not as acidic as other types of yellow tomatoes.
  • Yellow Riesentraube – this heirloom yellow tomato variety has large clusters of fruit that are perfect for snacking or using in salads. They also taste excellent cooked into dishes like soups and sauces!
  • Yellow Brandywine– these yellow heirloom tomatoes are very popular for their bright color and exceptional flavor.
  • Yellow Pear – this small yellow tomato is perfect for growing in containers because it has a compact growth habit. It also tastes great when eaten raw or cooked in dishes.
  • Dr. Wyche’s Yellow – this yellow tomato is an heirloom variety that tastes delicious and has exceptional color.
  • Lemon Drop – this yellow tomato produces fruit with high yields throughout the growing season. The sweet flavors make them perfect for salads or just snacking on raw.
  • Golden Honey Bunch – this yellow tomato variety has a distinct shape that resembles tomatoes growing in the wild! It is an heirloom plant with a mild flavor and soft flesh.
  • Gold Nugget – this yellow tomato variety is a favorite for its sweet and mild flavor.
  • Orange King – this heirloom yellow tomato is a favorite amongst gardeners for its excellent taste. It produces an abundance of fruit that can be used in recipes or eaten raw!
  • Sun Ray – this yellow tomato variety has a mild flavor and is perfect for snacking or using in salads.

Planting and Growing Yellow-Tomato Tomatoes

They grow in the same way as other types of tomatoes do. They require the same soil, sunlight, and water to thrive.

The good thing about growing your own yellow tomato plants is that you do not need a green thumb or any special skills. Anybody can grow them!

One thing you should make sure of is that your yellow tomato plants receive enough sunlight. If they do not, the tomatoes will taste bland and less flavorful.

In addition to proper sun exposure, caring for your yellow tomato can be done with a little bit of TLC from yourself every day! It is necessary that you water them every day, but make sure to not over-water them because this could cause the plants to rot. 

The soil should be rich in organic matter. For best results, add some compost to the soil.

You can grow yellow tomatoes in almost any climate, but they do best in warm weather. This means that you can grow them year-round if you live in a place with milder temperatures like the southern part of the United States or similar climates.

growing yellow tomatoes in garden

Growing yellow tomato plants is easy and enjoyable for everyone! If you are looking to switch up your garden routine this summer, these yellow tomatoes are the perfect choice for you!

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