11 Unique Tomato Varieties Worth Growing

Tomatoes are one of the most popularly grown foods in home vegetable gardens. To make the most of your garden, you can grow a variety of tomatoes.

These unique tomatoes are an excellent option for your garden and will give your table a pop of color and flavor you will never find at the local supermarket.

unique tomato varieties

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While everyone has their own favorite tomato variety to eat, here are 11 unique tomato varieties that are worth growing. 

Pineapple Tomato

Pineapple tomatoes are very large, up to 2 pounds each. It is easy to grow with a sweet and fruity flavor, making it a fun option for families with children who may not like tomatoes’ general acidic flavor.

Pineapple Tomato ~25 Seeds - Heirloom, Open Pollinated, Non-GMO, Farm & Vegetable Gardening Seeds

This is an excellent choice for helping a picky eater give tomatoes a try. Chop them up and add to fresh salads for a great summertime meal. Be sure to cage these well to help the branches handle the weight of these large tomatoes.

Green Zebra Tomato

You can have a lot of fun growing this unique tomato in your garden. The bright green color with even bolder lime green zebra strips is fun to see in the garden and very interesting when you serve it on the table.

Use these tomatoes as a conversation piece in your pasta salad at summer barbecues for a fun twist. These fruits may be small, but the plants produce well.

Park Seed Green Zebra Tomato Seeds, Pack of 30 Seeds

The Green Zebra tomato is a modern heirloom, according to many gardeners, since it hasn’t been around for long, some people are hesitant about calling it a historical heirloom.

Spoon Tomato

These tiny micro fruits are adorable and make a fun addition to summer salads and charcuterie boards. These little fruits pack a strong flavor due to the lack of size that can lead to watery flavors in large tomato varieties.

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They pop in your mouth when you bite into them, making them burst with flavor. These are a favorite of children for dancing out of the garden.

Black Beauty Tomato

This tomato is so dark it is almost black. The darkest tomato in the world is packed with flavor that you will love while adding a unique look to your garden while it grows.

Black Beauty Beefsteak Heirloom Tomato Premium Seed Packet

This is the perfect beefsteak-type tomato for starting a conversation about your garden when serving burgers off the grill or for convincing picky eaters to try something new.

Raspberry Lyanna Tomato

This Russian tomato variety has the perfect raspberry pink skin and a sweet, rich flavor. This tomato variety is a heavy producer that is great for when you need a large crop of nice firm medium-sized fruits.

These fruits are nearly blemish-free, making them an excellent option for farm stands and farmers’ markets where buyers may prefer perfect fruit as they would find at the local grocery store.

Yellow Pear Tomato

These tiny 1.5-inch tomatoes look like little yellow pears. They are adorable and are prolific growers leaving you with large production that can feed the whole family.

Burpee 'Yellow Pear' Heirloom | Yellow Pear Tomato | 150 Seeds

These make a perfect homegrown tomato for snack trays with their unique appearance and mild flavor.

Sunrise Bumblebee Tomato

these stunningly beautiful small tomatoes that barely weigh in at an ounce are so bright and colorful they are like a work of art.

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Reminiscent of the sunrise, these tomatoes will look amazing on your table with beautiful swirls both on the outer skin and inside, making them perfect for adding a pop of color to chopped salads.

Isis Candy Cherry Tomato

These beautiful 1-inch cherry tomatoes are excitingly sweet. The bright swirls of reds, oranges, and yellows are stunningly beautiful.

Often these cherry tomatoes will have a cat’s eye or star shape on the blossom making them pop even more. These are the perfect sweet cherry tomato for snacking, and children absolutely love them.

Great white tomato

This large beefsteak tomato averages about 1 pound each and looks like beautiful white pumpkins. These are a great unique option for beefsteak tomatoes and would look amazing alongside black beauty or pineapple tomatoes for a unique contrasting display on your farmstand.

The flesh is sweet, this fruit reminiscent of pineapple, melon, and guava making for a great large snacking tomato. These are a great high-yield fruit.

NIKA SEEDS - Vegetable Tomato Great White - 25 Seeds

The Great White tomato is an open-pollinated type that was first sold by the Gleckler Seedmen in the 1980s.

The parent seeds were sent to them by a home gardener who wanted his own unique variety of tomatoes, and it grew into what we now know as this popular garden plant.

Berry’s Crazy Cherry Tomato

If you like cherry tomatoes and want a large harvest, this is the one to go with. The clusters in this variety are some of the largest available.

This prolific grower will produce many cherry tomatoes perfect for serving at parties, feeding your family, or making a little extra money off your garden when you have a large overage you can sell. These pale yellow fruits are absolutely delicious.

Sweetheart Cherry tomato

These small super sweet cherry tomatoes are as sweet as sugar and make a great snack option.

Burpee 'Sweetheart of the Patio' | Red Cherry Tomato | 10 Seeds

A prolific grower with berry-like fruits is a great option for growing at home if you have children or just have a sweet tooth. The longer your sweetheart cherries ripen on the vine, the sweeter they will get.

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