Turn Your Back Yard into a Relaxing Retreat with These Easy DIYs

Consider one of these easy DIY projects to turn your backyard into a place for your family to relax. If you aren’t able to go on vacation this summer, finding an easy way to escape the stresses of everyday life is probably at the top of your list.

Instead of dreaming of a trip, why not turn your own yard into a home away from home? With a little bit of work, you can easily turn your backyard into a relaxing retreat.

If you’re thinking about upgrading your yard, consider one of these easy DIY projects.


Create a Patio Area

One of the best ways to create a relaxing retreat in your backyard is to section off a part of the yard for the sole purpose of relaxation.

Creating a patio is the perfect way to dedicate a part of your yard to relaxing and entertaining. And while laying your own patio may seem like a big and expensive project – it doesn’t have to be!

Paving stones are an inexpensive and easy way to create a patio in your backyard. Start by deciding where you would like your patio to be located, then measure off how large the patio will be.

Level off the ground and remove grass from the area to make laying your paving stones a little easier. Then, lay the stones on the ground to turn a section of your yard into a relaxing patio.

Add an Outdoor Rug

Simply adding an outdoor rug to your backyard is a quick and easy way to transform the space. Whether you want to hide an ugly deck or patio or just want to instantly create a space for entertaining, an outdoor rug is a great option!

An outdoor rug can give you a chance to add a pop of color or fun design to your outdoor décor. And it makes relaxing in your outdoor space a little more comfortable, too.

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When choosing the right rug for your space, consider how the rug will be used. If the rug will be placed on a solid surface, an indoor/outdoor rug is a good option to provide you with a comfortable place to rest your feet.

But if you plan on placing the rug directly on the ground, look for a thick, sturdy rug that will hold up to the elements.

Hang More Lighting

If you plan on using your outdoor space during the evening and nighttime hours, you’ll need plenty of lighting in the area. String lights are a great way to brighten up any outdoor space and add a little bit of ambiance to the area.

You can hang string lights from an existing structure, like around the perimeter of your porch, or create a fun lighting design by attaching your string lights to stakes in the ground.

Another great way to add lighting to your outdoor space is with candles and lanterns. In addition to being a great way to keep the bugs away, candles also provide plenty of ambient light during the evening.

And using lanterns throughout your outdoor space does double duty by providing you with additional lighting during the evening and pretty outdoor decorations during the day.

Have Plenty of Seating

It’s hard to relax in your backyard if you don’t have anywhere to sit! To transform your backyard into a relaxing retreat, you’ll need to have plenty of comfortable seating.

And while purchasing outdoor furniture from the store is a great way to create a relaxing space in your yard, you can also easily DIY your own outdoor furniture.

Whether you build your own outdoor bench or create your own outdoor lounge area, don’t forget to make the space more comfortable by adding plenty of soft cushions and pillows when you’re finished with your project.

Build a Fire Pit

Make sure you can enjoy your relaxing backyard throughout the year by constructing your own fire pit. You can make your own DIY fire pit by stacking wall stones in a circular formation.

The stones will help contain the fire and provide a great place for your guests to gather around on those cool fall evenings.

After constructing your fire pit, make sure to add plenty of seating around the fire, so everyone enjoying your new backyard has a comfortable place to sit.

Hang a Hammock

There is no better place to relax in your backyard than in your own DIY hammock.

Adding a hammock to your yard is an easy project you can complete in less than an hour. If you have sturdy trees near each other, simply add industrial hooks or tree straps around the trunk of the tree. Then, hang your hammock in the shade so you can quickly relax.

If your yard doesn’t have trees readily available, consider one of 10 DIY hammocks and stands for your backyard retreat.

So as you can see, with just a little bit of work, you can upgrade your yard and turn it into a relaxing retreat for you and your family to enjoy.