The Best Compost Bins for Indoor, Outdoor, and Kitchen Use

One of the main problems with food waste is finding a proper disposal method. Food waste is among one of the largest categories of landfill materials, so why not do something about it?

A simple and easy way to contribute to the growing problem of food waste and landfill trash is by learning to compost your own food waste when possible.

Instead of throwing out items such as coffee grounds, egg shells, and vegetable scraps, you can collect them and compost them yourself or hand them off to a composting program in your area.

compost bins

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There are a ton of great compost bins for each unique type of composter, and we’ll show you how to find the right one for you!

The Best Indoor Compost Bins

Chef'n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin Black and White 3.3 Liter 1 & EcoCrock Natural Charcoal Filter Refill Pack (2-Pack)

Chef’n 401-420-120 EcoCrock Counter Compost Bin

While the small size of this compost bin means you’ll have to empty it more frequently, the inner bucket makes emptying it so easy! Not only does this compost bin look pretty, but you won’t have to worry about having a gross-looking compost bucket on your counter!

Your Freezer!

This one might sound a little gross, but the fact is compost is smelly and can attract fruit flies and bugs. If you are looking for a way to store your organic trash, put it in paper bags in the freezer until you’re ready to use or drop it off.

The Best Compost Bins for Outdoor Use

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter Canadian-Made, 100% Recycled Resin - Outdoor Rotating Compost Tumbler Bin for Garden, Kitchen, and Yard Waste, Black (37 Gallon)

FCMP Outdoor IM4000 Dual Chamber Tumbling Composter

One challenge of composting is mixing up your pile every few weeks. The deep ridges on the sides and adjustable air vents allow necessary oxygen while preventing clumps.

Greenes Fence Cedar Wood Composter, 23.25 Cu ft / 173.92 gallons - Made in USA with North American Cedar

Greenes Fence RCCOMP36 Cedar Composter

Simple cedar bins are the perfect functional and attractive compost bin. The cedar on this composter is chemical free and earth-friendly, and the open design makes it easy for regular waste rotation and airflow.

If you find yourself in need of a large outdoor compost bin, you can always end up getting a larger one at a later point in time.

The Best Compost Bins for Kitchen Use

ENLOY Compost Bin, Stainless Steel Indoor Compost Bucket for Kitchen Countertop Odorless Compost Pail for Kitchen Food Waste with Carrying Handle 1.3 Gallon Easy to Clean

Enloy Compost Bin

This is one of the best compost bins you can have on your countertop, and you’ll see why it’s such a great option! This bin is perfect for trapping odors and keeps your scraps and bugs out! The stainless steel will help last the test of time, and it’s so simple to clean.

OXO Good Grips Easy-Clean Compost Bin, Charcoal - 0.75 GAL

Oxo Easy-Clean Compost Bin

While this compost bin might not be the most attractive option on our list, it is a great budget-friendly option. Its compact and lightweight design makes it perfect for traveling to and from your garden while making it easy to move around the kitchen. This compost bin holds just a few days of food scraps.

Is a Compost Bin Better in The Sun or Shade?

A compost bin can be in either area, but putting it in the sunlight is a great way to speed up the composting process. The effect of the heat and the sun will help things proceed quicker!

If you’re in the market for a compost bin, these are by far the best ones for each use case! They will not only help you reduce your food waste but help ensure you have the best compost bin for your use.

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