Lawn Care: 6 Tips For Keeping A Luscious Lawn

It’s no secret that having a green and thick lawn is the dream of many homeowners. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to have this lush grass without spending lots of time in your yard.

lawn growing tips

In this blog post, we will discuss 6 easy ways that you can make your grass grow quickly and thickly!


Make Grass Look Greener and Healthier

1. Remove Weeds

Remove all weeds from the area so they don’t steal away valuable nutrients from your grass. It’s important to remove weeds and other plants that compete for nutrients with your grass. These weeds can cause the lawn to thin out in certain areas, making it unappealing visually.

2. Improve Drainage

The number one cause of thin lawns is poor drainage. If you have a swampy area, it’s important to improve the water flow and remove any standing water that may be in your yard. This will allow for better absorption of nutrients as well!

3. Aerate

Aerating the soil is a quick and easy way to make your grass grow. You can do this by using an aerator, or you can rent one from your local store.

4. Mowing and Edging

If you are not already doing this, it’s important to mow your lawn regularly and edge off the grass around any hardscape such as a driveway or patio.

Mowing will remove thatch build-up from the blades of grass, creating more contact points for nutrients to be absorbed into the soil while also making sure your yard is well-groomed!

Edging helps with water runoff by preventing standing water in areas where there has been too much rain or irrigation. It can also help reduce weed problems due to its cleaner-cut look.

5. Feeding Your Grass

This is very important! In order to make your grass grow quickly, it’s crucial to feed the lawn. There are many different fertilizers out there and a lot of them work well for certain types of soil or climate conditions.

You can ask at your local store which fertilizer would be best suited for you based on its type and condition.

6. Watering Your Grass

It’s very important to water the grass regularly. You want your soil and lawn to be moist, but not soaking wet so you don’t risk damaging any roots or making it moldy. Watering at least once a week is recommended!

Watering should take place when the top inch of dirt feels dry. This will ensure that there is enough moisture in order for fertilizers to be absorbed into the ground properly as well as ensuring good root development without having too much water which can lead to fungal issues such as algae growth on blades of grass and even moss forming over time!

It’s also best if you are watering early morning or evening rather than midday because this will reduce evaporation due to warmer temperatures during those hours.

lawn care

There are many ways to make your lawn look greener and healthier. All of the tips we’ve provided should help you get started on giving your grass what it needs in order to flourish.

We hope that these helpful tips will lead you down a path where both your yard and wallet will be happier!